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Friday, 20 April 2012

xoxo ™

dear precious family and friends, thanks for being with me through the good & bad years of mine, for accepting me for who i am, for lending your shoulders whenever i needed supports, for wiping my tears, for sharing the laughters, for being
 my crime-partners, for taking off your shoes whenever i forgot my heels, for hitting my head whenever i being an idiot, for letting me to copy your assignments whenever i forgot to finish mine, for letting me to copy your answers in exams whenever i faced my blackout events, for bravoing me whenever i look a little brainy, for always telling me that "it's okay to fall 'cause you'll stand back higher", for giving me the courage to fight back stronger. for healing all the hurts, curing all the wounds, for smiling and holding my hands; for all the sweetest moments; for everything: love you, love. "...this melody was meant for you, to sing along to my stereo." -xoxo-

~till fingers meet keyboard again! lol ~

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